Natural Dog Company

When I first saw Natural Dog Company on Instagram, I knew I wanted to be a part of their affiliate program. Not only are they a Texas company, but all their products are organic, vegan, all-natural, and edible. What more could you want from a company?!

Natural Dog Company


These products heal everything from dry noses and ruff paws to wounds and skin folds. When it comes to my fur baby, I want only the best, and I had been looking for something to help Dawson’s dry paws.


That’s where the Paw Soother comes in. It soothes and heals dry, rough paw pads and makes them healthy! I mean, photos don’t lie (and neither do I)–check out Dawson’s results. This was just from one application. It’s best when used before bedtime because that’s when the body goes into regeneration mode. It also makes it easier to apply because they’ll be going to sleep rather than being active during the day.


This has been my favorite product that I’ve tried so far, but while you’re here, I’ll tell you a bit about the others too!




I’ve never had any issues with a dry nose but if you do, you might need the Snout Soother. It’s scent-free and provides a natural SPF, and it also soothes and heals dry noses fast.


The Skin Soother is a natural antibiotic topical treatment that can be used on cuts, rashes, abrasions, burns, surgical wounds, hot spots, bug bites, infections and dry, itchy and irritated skin. It’s antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and yeast fighting! This is soothing and speeds recovery and reduces scarring – how badass is that?

Natural Dog Company

PawTection will come in handy during the Texas summer. (Summer is coming, y’all.) It would also come in handy for my home state of Michigan in the winter time.  It protects your pup’s paw pads from various elements (hot pavement, cement, asphalt, gravel, sand, salt, snow and ice). While providing a nourishing barrier to guard the skin, it also locks in that moisture.


Finally, the patented balm for treating and preventing skin fold disease, infection and discomfort: Wrinkle Balm! I don’t have to use this on my pups either, but for all the dog mommas with wrinkly fur babies, this might be a need for you. It’s gentle enough to use on sensitive areas around the face, and it prevents yeast and bacterial infections, funky odors and crusty buildup (yuck!). You can use this product all over the body, especially in the deep creases and tail pockets.


This was everything that came in the Powerhouse Travel Set – the perfect opportunity for you to try out ALL of these. Each stick is .15oz and includes the Snout Soother, Paw Soother, PawTection, Skin Soother and Wrinkle Balm. You can even see the list of complete ingredients for these products – damn, I love it so much!  

Natural Dog Company

I also received the all-natural sensitive skin shampoo bar. I haven’t used it yet, but know I will – Daws just did plenty of swimming while we were camping. The shampoo bar is FREE of dyes, parabens, chemicals, fragrance, sulfates, and detergents. I can’t even imagine what’s in the soap I had used on Dawson before. This bar has organic oatmeal that will be perfect for his skin and also has aloe vera and cocoa butter for moisture.


Now, you can order your own Natural Dog Company products! Use barkblogger10 at checkout for 10% off or click here. Be sure to tag me in your photos if you order – I’d love to see them!


Xo, The Bark Blogger


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