Meet the First Mobile Dog Barkery in Dallas

I was at my first Dog Moms of Dallas meet up when I saw Pawtastic Snacks for the first time! I had to get Daws a lil treat and I’m glad I did! Adrienne is SO sweet and you can see how much she loves her business! I’m so happy to introduce y’all to Pawtastic Snacks!

Meet the First Mobile Dog Barkery in Dallas

When did you start Pawtastic Snacks and why?

Pawtastic Snacks hit the road in October 2016.  After going to all the food truck yards around town with my dogs and not being about to treat them while I was treating myself, I decided Texas needed a food truck just for them!

How did you start Pawtastic Snacks? How long did it take for it to become reality?

I found the truck in Mobile, Alabama on Craigslist. I had it sent to my house and construction began March 1, 2016. I basically bought a broken-down, 1980’s, snow cone truck. It took approximately 7 months! We had to get a new engine, new interiors, wrap the truck and stock it.

What has been your favorite part of Pawtastic Snacks?

It’s hard to pick a favorite, there are so many options. My favorite part is meeting all the happy pups and their pawrents! Nothing makes me happier than seeing the enthusiasm snacking on our treats! I also love watching the froyo being enjoyed, it’s the most entertaining.

Meet the First Mobile Dog Barkery in Dallas

Why a “food” truck?

I love the nostalgia of the era of ice cream trucks. Since I sell doggy frozen yogurt, I thought it was fitting.

Do you have any aspirations to make this a store front?

No, there are plenty of store front dog bakeries. My truck is my store front. Nothing grabs the attention of my customers more than the doggy adorned treat truck driving up to a park or event!

You’re the first mobile dog barkery in DFW, how does that make you feel?

At first, I wasn’t sure how it would be received by dog owners. I wasn’t sure if people would be willing to try my products. It wasn’t long after my first few outing to know I had found a niche that hadn’t been tapped yet. My customers have been so supportive and that’s why I keep truckin’!

Do you make any items by hand? If so, which ones?

My baked treats are my recipes that I summit to a baker that ships directly to me. That way I don’t have to spend all day and night baking, and more time out with the doggies!

What products do you carry on the truck?

On the truck I carry: 12 different flavors and sizes for baked dog treats, 4 flavors of doggy frozen yogurt, bully sticks, antlers and doggy beef jerky.

Meet the First Mobile Dog Barkery in Dallas What products are the most popular?

Frozen yogurt cups.

Are the products you make/carry natural?

Everything on the truck is human grade. Simple ingredients. No preservatives. Gluten-free. No artificial flavors.

What is your schedule like? Do you have a set week of where you’ll be going?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a set schedule because events pop up all the time. You can always find where I’ll be by following my Instagram or Facebook. I post flyers of all upcoming events. Typically, on Sunday mornings I am at The Frisco Ruff Range Dog Park. Sunday afternoons, I’m usually at North Bark Park.

What’s the best way for people to find out where you’ll be next?

I encourage my pawrents to call/text or email me! I answer as soon as possible with my location for that day! Call: 214-683-4337 | Email:


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