Get Your Paws On This Ready-To-Go Cocktail

The perfect drink for summer or any BYOB event!

Get Your Paws On This Ready-To-Go Cocktail

The second I scrolled upon the photo of a dog with Yumix in its mouth on Instagram, I knew this was something I had to get my paws on! I obviously love dogs and something you might not know is that I love a good cocktail too! I thought seeing this photo was the perfect oppawtunity to reach out and see if they wanted to work together.  

Yumix is basically everything you’ve ever dreamed of for summer or to have the best pool party ever. It’s a ready-to-go cocktail in a patented two-compartment container. This way, you can mix your drink whenever (and wherever) you feel like, and you can do it in a couple simple steps!


Twist off the bottomit’s full of premium vodka or tequila btw

Take the cap off the top of the bottle + pour inside! THAT’S IT.

Get Your Paws On This Ready-To-Go Cocktail

No more having to lug plastic cups down to the pool along with different juices and alcohols. And no more having to worry about bringing glass to the pool – they’re already in a plastic bottle!

The Flavors

You can get these in Orange Mango with Vodka, Margarita with (you guessed it) tequila and Sea Breeze with Vodka. They’re all 40% alcohol by volume and the vodka is 6x distilled from grain.

Get Your Paws On This Ready-To-Go Cocktail

Orange Mango: only 25 calories and 6 grams of sugar. NO, THAT’S NOT A TYPO.


Margarita: only 30 calories and 8 grams of sugar. 80 proof.


Sea Breeze: only 35 calories with 8 grams of sugar.


They contain no preservatives or added sweeteners! The juice is also fresh and includes lime, orange, apple and cranberry. I mean does it get any better? Yes, yes it does. You can see more nutrition information here.


Right now, they’re in Texas and South Carolina and just secured a deal to expand to Walmart’s in Florida, Arizona and California! Find where you can get your own Yumix. You can also see on their social media that they’ve recently upgraded their labels!

I want to see you drinking your new drink of the summer so tag me in any photos of you with your Yumix cocktails! Find where to buy them here. You can follow them on social media for updates #TakeThePartyAnywhere #HowDoYUmix


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