Hi! Welcome to The Bark Blogger!

We’re so happy you’re here. 

Rachel with Dawson

My name is Rachel Nesloney and I’m from the beautiful state of Michigan.

I fell in love with a Texan man (at the Daytona 500 of all places) and am now living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Before I moved to Texas, I attended Michigan State University and that is where I got my puppy, Dawson.

I started The Bark Blogger because dogs are a huge passion of mine and I’ve always wanted to do something with that passion. I’m hoping to provide you with some tips, product reviews, DIY treat recipes, and dog-friendly places around Dallas!

Thank you for being here!

Meet my family!

Rachel and Chance with Dawson and Trigger

This is my husband, Chance, and our two dogs, Dawson and Trigger!

Trigger is a Lab/Dalmatian mix and Chance has had him since he was born. Chance’s brother had Trigger’s mom!

Trigger was trained by Chance to retrieve ducks so he didn’t have to go get them himself 😂

Dawson is an Aussie/Sheltie mix and I got him when he was  8 weeks old. He’s my everything!

These boys are my life and I’m so thankful for them! They are a handful but they make this life worth living.

Xo, The Bark Blogger