Hi! Welcome to The Bark Blogger!

Rachel with Dawson

My name is Rachel and I’m a dog mom.

I started The Bark Blogger back in 2018 because I’ve always wanted to do something with my passion of dogs. It’s been SO much fun to do over the past couple of years and I’m extremely thankful for this space.

The Fam

Rachel and Chance with Dawson and Trigger

This is the love of my life and husband Chance and our two dogs, Dawson and Trigger. Trigger is a Lab/Dalmatian mix and Chance has had him since he was born.

Fun Fact: Trigger is a bird dog and was trained by Chance to retrieve ducks so he didn’t have to go get them himself 😂

Dawson is an Aussie/Sheltie mix and I got him when he was eight weeks old when I was at Michigan State University. He’s my everything!

We recently relocated to my home state of Michigan and reside in the Grand Rapids area!

Xo, The Bark Blogger