My Two-Week Trial with “The Farmer’s Dog” Homemade Dog Food

I was scrolling through Instagram, and one of my favorite accounts I’ve been following for awhile (@barkleydoodles) shared a photo with a box that said, “The Farmer’s Dog,” so I checked out “The Farmer’s Dog” page. I was surprised when I saw it because it’s SO pretty. If you know me, you know I love a good Instagram grid.

I followed them, and over the next few weeks, I noticed them commenting on my photos. I reached out and said how much I loved their page and how I wanted my dogs to try their meals. They said they wanted to potentially work together, and I about lost it. This incredible brand wants to work with ME?!

Let me tell you more about The Farmer’s Dog!

Started in 2015 after co-founder Brett Podolsky discovered the power of fresh food during a battle to cure his Rottweiler Jada’s stomach ailment. Since then, The Farmer’s Dog has made it their mission to spread the word about fresh food and give dogs longer, healthier lives. Who wouldn’t want that for their sweet pups?!

The process was simple; you answer questions to help them create a custom meal plan for your pup. This is all dependent on things such as age, weight, breed, body profile, activity level, and if your dog has any issues (allergies, hyperactive, urinary tract).

You then get to choose which protein you want between turkey, beef, and pork. For Dawson, I got beef and turkey, and for Trigger, beef and pork.

Shortly after I answered all the questions, they started prepping their meals and before you knew it, they were on the way to my doorstep! I was out of town when they arrived, but Chance was sure to unload all of it into our freezer, quickly taking up any and all space in there!

My Two-Week Trial with “The Farmer’s Dog” Homemade Dog Food


I wanted to share a bit about what’s actually in these! I won’t list them all but want to include some of the main ingredients!

Beef and Lentil: Beef, lentils, sweet potato, beef liver, carrot, kale, sunflower seeds.

Pork and Sweet Potato: Pork, sweet potato, potato, pork liver, green beans, cauliflower, blueberries.

Turkey and Parsnip: Turkey, parsnips, chickpeas, carrot, broccoli, spinach.

When I got home, I read my feeding instructions, took out some food from the fridge to thaw, and waited. My first few bags must not have been thawed out completely because it was a bit difficult for it to come out of the bag, but I found that, as it thawed more, it came out a lot easier. So, make sure they’re thawed completely!

My Two-Week Trial with “The Farmer’s Dog” Homemade Dog Food

In the First Few Days

I already started noticing changes. Dawson normally poops EVERY time I let him outside, which for the longest time, I thought was normal. With The Farmer’s Dog, he poops maybe 1-2 times, and it doesn’t even SMELL like poop! There is even some color changes I’ve noticed (#dogmomlife).

After a Week

I’ve never seen Trigger SPIN with excitement to eat food, but with this, he is right next to me while I’m getting it ready and spinning all the way over to the food bowl. I’ve been thinking about how much better this is for my fur babies and how I’m so thankful for a company like this who cares this much!

After Two Weeks

Overall, I think the boys were extremely happy to be eating homemade and natural food. In fact, I think they’ll be really upset when they get fed dry food again. I loved every second of this experience, and I know the boys did too. I might try doing DIY food (you can too) with the help of The Farmer’s Dog. How wonderful are they for sharing how to make their recipes yourself?! You can find the recipe here.

My Two-Week Trial with “The Farmer’s Dog” Homemade Dog Food

Final Thoughts

There are so many aspects I love about Farmer’s Dog.

    1. I love knowing that this food hasn’t been on a shelf for months and that’s it’s delivered within days of cooking.
    1. The fact that it’s delivered right to my door step is also a huge plus and is one less thing I have to go out and do!
  1. I loved the customizable plans – they even put the dog’s name on each bag of food – how cute is that!

If YOU want to try The Farmer’s Dog, you can get your first order 50% OFF by using this code. You (and your dog) won’t regret it!

Xo, The Bark Blogger


30 thoughts on “My Two-Week Trial with “The Farmer’s Dog” Homemade Dog Food”

  • My golden doodle has allgeries all year round. Ives tried soooooi
    Many things for him. I am at my wits end and don’t know what else to do. The only thing I have not done is went raw. Mainly because of the time and getting to a place where I can buy the raw food for him.

    There are soo many companies bout there that does this frozen raw food. Tell me what is so good about your raw frozen food and why should I purchase it?


  • Please explain how you make the food.
    Can we come in and watch you make it?
    I have bought food from Pet Plate and Just Food for Dogs. I feel vey confident with their ingredients and how it is made. I also make my own dog food with a vets guidance.
    My one doxie has liver issues so I’m very careful on their food.
    Can you reassure me about your quality and that it doesn’t have junk in it?

    Thank you and waiting anxiously to hear back from you.

    Marty Phillips

    • Hi Marty! I don’t make the food myself, The Farmer’s Dog makes it. You can see their ingredient list on their website 🙂

  • “In fact, I think they’ll be really upset when they get fed dry food again“

    Perhaps I misunderstood.? I’m curious…after such a great experience and how much you love Farmer’s Dog Food, why are you going back to feeding your dogs kibble?

      • Dear Admin- Could you expand on the dehydrated human grade diet your pets are on as of 12/10/2019? I am curious. I am always trying to feed my baby Mya, food that will make her thrive .
        I have not heard of the dehydrated human grade diet but will be looking into it.
        I, like Jinny was confused why you didn’t keep your doggies on The Farmers Dog wet food.
        Thank you!

        • Hi Cathy!

          Absolutely. I first want to address the The Farmer’s Dog comment. I was given a two-week trial to try and while the boys did love it, it wasn’t something I could sustain with two dogs their size. If I were to ever just have one dog or smaller dogs, I think it would be something I could do. My boys love their Honest Kitchen food also! I definitely recommend.

  • Annie was eating proplan morsels with a little fresh turkey mixed in. When I received your food I mixed 1 cup dry dog food (proplan) and 1/2 package of farmers dog twice a day. She loves the food but all her stools are very runne and she’ll go 3 or 4 times a day it used to be 2times. What can I do. I love the convince of the food but the stools have me very worried. Please respon to me

  • We just received the Farmers Dog food and my Goldendoodles absolutely love it. I have never seen them so excited by any other food.. It’s such a pleasure to see them gobble it up and not just look at the food and walk away. My one Doodle was very itchy and was scratching a lot. I have not seen him do that in days. Thank you for making my babies and me so happy.

    • Hi Nina!

      This is so great. You really should let The Farmer’s Dog know directly. I’m sure they would be just as thrilled!

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