Tips from a Traveling Dog

Hello hooman fren’!

Tips from a Traveling Dog
Photo taken from Ramblin Roam Instagram

I’m Cami, a 12 year old doggo who still acts like a pupper! My mum and I have been going on car rides a lot all over the United States! We started from Texas and went all the way to New York. I’m very excited to see Mount Ruffmore soon! Mum said not all doggos go on car rides like this so we should share our tips for a heckin’ good time.


  1. “V-E-T” Records: This comes in handy in case of emergencies. Or if you can’t stay with your hooman somewhere on your adventure.
  2. Collar and Leash: I love showing off my collar and leash because it’s attached to my mum, and we look fancy.
  3. Current Tags and Microchip: These help you find your hooman if you get frightened and run away from them.
  4. First Aid Kit: Mum says this is important in case there isn’t a “v-e-t” nearby for both of us.
  5. Food and Water: I love drive throughs, especially for Puppacino’s, but mum keeps a case of water in the car to make sure we’re never thirsty.
  6. Seat Covers and Blankets: Sleeping in the car is my favorite so my mum got me this cool car hammock. She says it keeps my hair off the seats and she lays my blankets down so I feel safe like at home.
  7. Bed and Crate: I don’t sleep in a crate anymore but mum brings my bed with us so I can be cozy. I normally sleep in the bed next to her though to keep her safe and warm like a good girl.
  8. Toys and Home Comforts: My favorite toys are my squeaky hamburger – I love squeaks!
  9. Poop Bags: I still don’t understand these, but mum says they are a must!
  10. Jacket/Sweaters/Booties: I’m a Texas doggo and not used to the cold so mum and I like to wear warm outfits when it’s cold.
  11. Lint Roller: Mum is always trying to keep my furs off of her for some reason ??
  12. Wrap Leash & Collapsible Bowl: My mum has a special leash for me when we go to yappy hour that wraps around her or a table so I can always be safe! My food bag has a bowl that folds up – how cool!
Tips from a Traveling Dog
Photo taken from Ramblin Roam Instagram

Things to remember:

  • DOUBLE CHECK your hotel reservation (dog breed/weight). Is there a dog area? Some hotels only allow small puppers. Hotels in the city may make you walk far to sniff and squat so always ask!
  • Being in a new place is confusing! My mum tries to keep a routine and do the same thing when we get to our room so when she has to leave I’m not frightened!
  • We stop every 3 hours for potty breaks when driving so we can stretch and sniff all the new sniffs!
  • Mum won’t let me eat hooman food on the road very much because it upsets my tummy! She brings plain pumpkin and rice just in case my tummy ever hurts (thanks mom).
  • Also, if you ever forget a water bowl, ice buckets make pawsome water bowls, and they stay cold!

Welp, it’s time for a nap! Mum is packing for our next adventure! You should follow my adventures – mum makes me look like I belong on the cover of Vanity Fur!

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LOL (lots of licks),


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