Tips for Having Your Pup in Your Wedding

Recently, I had the honor of talking with Veronica Silva, the President of Pawfect for You! Pawfect for You is a MUCH NEEDED full-service chauffeur and pet care provider for couples on their wedding day. Let’s face it: pets in weddings are becoming wayyy more common, and this company provides a ton of helpful services to make the day less stressful. Services include:

  • Transportation to and from desired locations
  • A pet attendant who will be helping your pups throughout the day
  • Coordination with your groomer to make sure they’re looking their best as well.
  • More services here.

I first heard about Pawfect for You last year when I saw a video that BRIDES posted on Facebook. I shared it and said, “Omg what a dream! ?” –because IT IS.

Tips for Having Your Pup in Your Wedding
Photo taken by Kate Edwards Weddings

Actually, I am recently engaged, and (of course) I want to do something with my pups on our special day, but I needed advice. Veronica was quick to send over some thoughts and said she could go on forever about the thing she loves.

Here are some tips she offered if you’re thinking of having your pup (or pups) in your wedding:


Think about what you’d like to incorporate your pet into.

This also depends a bit on some of the details of your timeline, like whether you’re doing a First Look or not. Some brides like to have their dogs present just as they put their dress on. If your dog is prone to jumping/misbehaving- then have someone present to leash the dog and hold him/her back from jumping on you.


Call the venue to find out if pets are allowed.

If you have a hotel, it’s a good idea to check in with them too. There would be nothing worse than finding out they aren’t allowed when you’ve planned for them to be there the entire time!


Are they well-behaved?

If your dog is well-behaved, and you can control your dog’s behavior with verbal commands, then you’ll really only need to hire someone for the transportation/day of care. Then, you can think about where you’ll want your dog driven to and from. Maybe the hotel where you’re getting ready or the First Look location (if you’re doing a first look)? That’s why I say it depends slightly on some of your timeline details.


If you want them in your wedding… you should hire someone to watch them.

Tips for Having Your Pup in Your Wedding
Photo taken by Louis Schroder

I always advocate hiring someone to take care of your pet. It’s never a good idea to ask guests because they are probably going to be dressed and may end up missing out on some of the fun parts of the day, like cocktail hour.

If you’re in Dallas and need someone to watch your dog…

Since there’s no one like Pawfect For You in Dallas, maybe you can find someone on Rover. You could offer a little extra cash than their standard dog-walking rate. Vet techs love that side job as well. Plus, with someone you hire, you can give lots of direction without feeling like your imposing upon them.


You’re most likely going to have to supply whomever you hire with water, a water bowl, poop bags, slobber towels (to wipe up the muzzle after drinking water), treats/toy to get their attention for pictures, possibly food/food bowl, and maybe some type of pet attire and leash at a minimum.


I hope these tips help if you want your pups there for your special day! If you want more tips, you can read more here. Featured Image by Wilde Scout Photo Co. 

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