This Company Makes Bedtime As Special to Your Pups as They Are To You

Say hello (or goodnight) to Bedtime 4 Dogs.

Bedtime 4 Dogs reached out to me after they saw my post about Natural Dog Company. They clearly saw my passion for giving my dogs organic, all-natural products.  

Ah, if only I had known about this when I got Dawson when he was a puppy and I was in college. I could have used some of the calming then! ?

This Company Makes Bedtime As Special to Your Pups as They Are To You

Anyway, let’s talk about this unique company! It all began when Karlene Wieland rescued a puppy and just when everyone else was ready for bed, the new pup wasn’t. She realized there were probably a lot of pet parents who’s pups had a hard time calming down at bedtime too! So, Bedtime 4 Dogs was born! She also realized that most pet parents wanted an organic option (I know I do) for the pups.


Did you know that chamomile effects dogs just like people? I knew that it helped calm people down but had no idea it would be a natural calming agent for dogs too. It’s used in most of their products!



In my care package, I received a month’s supply of Bedtime Bones, Eau de Bedtime – Canine Calming Mist and a Sleepy Sheep Cuddle Toy.


Let’s talk about each of these!

This Company Makes Bedtime As Special to Your Pups as They Are To You

Bedtime Bones

The Bedtime Bones are organic, chamomile treats that are only made with six ingredients: all organic-rye flour, oat bran, brown eggs, canola, chamomile and honey. They have NO wheat, soy, corn, or fillers (which I love and so does Dawson!) I feel like they’ve worked and calmed him down for bedtime.


Eau de Bedtime-Canine Calming Scent

Hey, not gonna lie, I even use this for myself. I’ve been spraying it not only on the dog bed, but also on my comforter. It smells SO good and is an all-natural proprietary blend of essential oils. It even comes in a BPA-free, pet-safe plastic bottle. You can’t beat that! Trust me, you’ll be using it for yourself too!


Sleepy Sheep Cuddle Toy

This lil cutie is a hand-crafted sheep toy for your pup! It’s made of ecologically-friendly materials and made right here in the good ol’ USA. Thank goodness there isn’t a squeaker because Dawson would find it and rip it apart. It’s really soft (and adorable) and is even handcrafted by local sewers!


If your pup is in need of some calming – you can use ORDERNOW20 for 20% off your order! You won’t regret it or your full night of sleep! ?  You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Sleep well!


Xo, The Bark Blogger


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