Wagadō: The Healthy Dog Treat Baking Mix

I love knowing that Wagadō is not only a small business, it was created by a woman and it’s made right here (in small batches) in Austin, Texas. When I asked her about why she created Wagadō, she told me she wanted to create a unique bonding experience for dog parents everywhere that brought not only peace of mind, but wagging tails.


“Quality ingredients with real benefits were my driving force as I created each recipe. I love your dogs like you do, and want them to have the very best.”

Wagadō: The Healthy Dog Treat Baking Mix

Meet Wagadō! A healthy baking treat mix that all you have to do is add coconut (or veggie) oil + water. These treats have NO gluten, soy, or corn. Wagadō donates monthly to a local or national organization that helps dogs in need.


You can choose from the following mixes:

Carnivore: Helps with bone + belly health and immune support. Full of beef liver, chicken breast, sweet potato, mushroom, beet, nutritional yeast, broccoli, + probiotics.

Deep Sea: Helps with skin + coat, anti-inflammatory + belly health. Full of salmon, nori, spirulina, kelp, carrot, green-lipped mussel, sweet potato, ginger, + probiotics.

Sweet Tooth: Helps with vitality, muscle function + belly health. Full of banana, whole oats, sweet potato, apple, honey powder, carob chips, + probiotics.

Zen: Helps with detox, fresh breath + belly health. Full of mint, ginger, sweet potato, dandelion root, turmeric, spirulina, apple, honey powder + probiotics.


You can see the full list of ingredients here. When I was mixing up/baking the treats, I could smell the mint in the Zen mix. It smelled amazing! The Jimmy John’s delivery guy even made a point to tell me how good my apartment smelled ?


Wagadō: The Healthy Dog Treat Baking Mix


As soon as they cooled enough, I gave one to Dawson who ate it immediately. He loved it and I can relax knowing that this treat is healthy for him. If you’re looking for a new treat mix, this is it! Be sure to follow Wagadō on Facebook, Instagram, + Twitter.

Xo, The Bark Blogger

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