Primalvore Review + Recipes

Ever since becoming a #dogblogger, I’ve learned there are SO many things you can give to your dog. From supplements to chamomile treats to help them fall asleep. There really are so many amazing products! When I heard of Primalvore, I was intrigued.


Primalvore is organic (one of my favorite parts) bone broth made specifically for canines. Bone broth helps with your pups mobility, joint health, digestion and keeps their coat shiny. This broth is made with only three ingredients – and I know all of them!

Primalvore Review + Recipes


Let’s learn about the ingredients from Primalvore’s website:


Organic Bone Broth

Our recipe starts with bone broth that is a simple mix of blend of Certified Organic bones that are dense in marrow and cartilage. This is where you get the naturally occurring collagen and minerals.

Collagen Peptides

We take pride in the addition of a specific group of collagen peptides which are backed by a clinical study to show improved mobility in aging dogs and can help maintain healthy joints in dogs of all life stages. Collagen peptides are the most bio-available form of restorative collagen.

Organic Turmeric

We use only certified organic turmeric in our bone broth. To make our broth we add our collagen and organic turmeric at the end of our cook process to make sure all the goodness remains and is not cooked out during the slow simmer process.


Want more benefits? The broth is human grade, grain free and made in the USA! They have two options: beef and chicken.


Primalvore takes pride in sourcing the ingredients and their suppliers are certified. You can also tell how much they care about their product because the packaging is just beautiful. That’s one of the first things I said when I opened the box! The pouches are BPA-free and have a recloseable cap for easy storage, if you even need to store it! As soon as I got mine, I made frozen dog treats.


The first ones I made were just the bone broth in my molds (you can get your own molds here) and look how they turned out!


Primalvore Review + Recipes

You can also pour the broth directly into your dog’s food. I froze mine because it’s summer in Texas and the heat is brutal! The frozen treats are not only refreshing but have all the benefits of the broth! My pups LOVE them… of course.


The second ones I made, I replaced what I would normally use water with Primalvore.


I used watermelon, an apple and beef bone broth. Blend it all up and pour into your molds – then freeze overnight! These turned out frothy and made the treats look two-toned! The dogs love them of course.


  • Watermelon is low in calories and packed with nutrients—vitamins A, B6, and C, and potassium. It also has no fat or cholesterol and is great for hydration.


  • Apples are a good source of fiber as well as vitamin A and C. They also help clean residue off dog’s teeth which helps freshen their breath.

Primalvore Review + Recipes


I can’t wait to place an order for more! You can order your own on their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


If you want to order some, use BARKBLOGGER and get 20% off!

Be sure to check out this guide if you’re questioning if your dog should eat it or not. 


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