The Safer, Gentler, and Easier to Use Pet Deshedding Tool

Meet the Better Deshedder by Eazee

The Safer, Gentler, and Easier to Use Pet Deshedding Tool

Summer time is upon us! That means… shedding. With an Aussie/Sheltie and a Lab/Dalmation, we’ve got lots of hair floating around (literally). I like to tell myself that Dawson doesn’t shed that much but maybe that’s because I’m comparing it to Trigger, who definitely sheds the most.


Despite who actually sheds the most… I needed a good deshedder to use in between Dawson’s grooming and Trigger’s baths. That’s when I found the Eazee deshedding tool.


I love a lot of things about this deshedder. Like the fact that it has a plastic comb and rounded teeth so it doesn’t hurt Dawson’s skin, it’s really easy to use and it’s safer and gentler than normal deshedders. You can see how easy it is to use in a how-to video I did on my Instagram stories. You can find it under the highlight “collabs”. I also tried it on Shooter, which is in the highlights too and OH MY, I am thankful for a deshedder like this! 

The Deshedder

I got the large which is perfect for dogs 45 lbs and up. I even got to choose my own color! You can choose between yellow, green, blue, purple, red and pink. I chose this red!

The Safer, Gentler, and Easier to Use Pet Deshedding Tool

You can use different comb depths depending on the length of your dog’s hair. It’s as easy as pushing a button! No, seriously you push a button when you’re done and it ejects the dead hair (and ONLY the dead hair)!


They also include an extra comb! I’m sure that’ll come in handy with all the combing I’ll be doing #doghairdontcare.


Another unique feature is the handle, it’s universal and Eazee has multiple tools to help all of your grooming needs!


I know that I won’t be using any other deshedder between groomings! Thank you, Eazee, for such an incredible and effective tool that makes my life easier. You can use 10EAZEEBRUSH for 10% off your purchase on Amazon! Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


Xo, The Bark Blogger


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