Don’t Let the 4th of July Bully Your Pup

Get them a treat that will take their mind off what’s going on around them!

When I first got Dawson, I thought the only thing that could occupy his time were rawhides.

Don't Let the 4th of July Bully Your Pup

No wonder why he had diarrhea for nearly the first two months! I thought it was his food and I even went to the lengths of switching his food to sensitive stomach food but as soon as I eliminated rawhides from his diet, I noticed an improvement.


Rawhide chews are made from dried animal skins.


I knew that since he had those issues that I wanted to find a different treat to occupy his time and something that was natural. The Crazy Curly Chew Beef Bully Stick by Bravo Pet Foods is made from premium quality beef pizzle (more on this later) and they’re 100% natural!


There are a list of benefits:

  • High in protein – low in fat
  • Helps clean teeth and freshen breath
  • Low-no odor
  • Won’t stain carpet or furniture
  • They are thick and last long for a satisfying chew
  • Not greasy
  • All natural – no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors
  • A good alternative to rawhide
  • Grain and gluten free
  • Sourced and made in the USA by a family-owned company


The boys enjoyed the bully stick VERY much and ate them pretty quick. This treat would be perfect for your pup to enjoy and to distract them from fireworks that’ll be happening on the 4th of July. To also help distract them, I would turn on a TV so there is other noise so it’s not so loud and scary.


Remember how I said there’s more about beef pizzle later? Well, here it is.

Don't Let the 4th of July Bully Your Pup

Do you actually know what beef pizzle is? If you Google “pizzle” you’ll find out

that it’s the penis of an animal, especially a bull. Yes, your dog is eating bull penis! I was just as surprised as you are! But hey, it’s natural?! ?? Bravo sources the ingredients to make sure your pups are getting the best quality, size and freshness! They also test for food safety before they ship out, which makes me feel even better.


You can’t go wrong with giving your pup any product by Bravo Pet Foods, I mean, they have a 9-step food safety process! Another huge thing for me personally is knowing they source and make them here in the good ole’ USA.


They make other products including frozen raw diets, freeze dried raw diets, canned foods, treats, chews and supplements!  


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