The Dapper Dog Box Review + Interview

I couldn’t resist… I had to get a Dapper Dog Box because I’ve seen it EVERYWHERE on Instagram. It pulls my heartstrings because each purchase helps shelter + rescue dogs. Especially after Shooter, I want to work with as many companies that believe in helping rescues!  

What is The Dapper Dog Box?

It’s a themed monthly subscription box. This box is for dogs all of shapes, sizes and breeds!

The boys were excited to see what was inside the box! Look what was inside:


The Dapper Dog Box Review + Interview

I wanted to get to know a little bit more about Kerrie and how she started The Dapper Dog Box!

When did you start The Dapper Dog Box and why?

I started two years ago this month, July 2016. My dog Asha (a black lab mix) was my inspiration! We had tried a few dog boxes and I was never happy with the quality, lack of customization options and lack of cute accessories. Years later, I had an opportunity to start my own company and I jumped at the chance.

I wanted to start a company that gave pet parents healthy + safe treats, fun toys and gorgeous boutique bandanas and bow ties. I also wanted to contribute a portion of sales to animal rescues and shelters which is one of the most rewarding parts of this company. We have worked with over 15 rescues in the country and have helped thousands of dogs.


How long did it take for it to become reality?

I think it took around 6 months or longer for it to feel real! The pet subscription space is very crowded, so it took some time to get some traction.


What has been your favorite part of The Dapper Dog Box?

A few things. 1. Being able to help shelter and rescue dogs. That is very important to my heart and I’m so proud of any impact we have made. 2.  Seeing the happy pups and humans on Instagram. Being really involved with a lot of our customers has been insanely rewarding. Social media allows our customers to feel really involved in the brand.


How do you come up with themes each month? Which has been your favorite?

We don’t do crazy theme boxes like BarkBox because we offer 13 points of customization for our boxes (so not everyone receives the same thing). When you offer customers customizations, like grain-free and heavy chewer, it’s very hard to have themes. We try to have “very loose themes” to go with the season. Like our June box was “Southern Charm” and we had some super cute peach items that were custom made for our boxes. Our July box will include a few “Birthday Party” items because it’s our second birthday.


The Dapper Dog Box Review + Interview

How do you think you compare to other subscription boxes out there? (ex: Barkbox)

The biggest differentiator is that we are the only box that includes boutique accessories in each box. We always include a gorgeous and fun bandana in our boxes. This makes us 100% unique. We are more of a higher end subscription box so not only is the quality of everything inside the box top notch, but the outside of the box is also very beautiful and visually appealing!


How does The Dapper Dog Box give back to rescues?

We donate a portion of sales to different rescues in the country! We have worked with over 15 rescues in the USA and Puerto Rico to date. Right now, we are donating solely to Seattle Humane in Washington because we have recently relocated to Seattle and wanted to support a local rescue in our area! This is our absolute favorite part of this business and we just love helping dogs in need.


How do you think social media plays a part into a successful business like yours?

It’s amazing. Our Instagram page has almost 30,000 followers and I get to engage and talk to my customers every day. We host photo contests each month which encourages customers to post photos of their dogs with the boxes and this is so much fun! I get to see hundreds of cute photos of happy dogs wearing our accessories and playing with the toys. It’s very rewarding for me!


Do you have an option for heavy chewers? My dogs destroy EVERY plush toy we’ve ever gotten!

Absolutely, we understand power chewers need special toys. Our heavy chewers boxes contain mainly rubber toys that are very durable but we include: treat dispensing toys, balls, nylon chews, etc.


If you’re looking for a more unique and tailored box for your pup, check out The Dapper Dog Box! You can even get 10% off if you use code BARKBLOG! 

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