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It was morning of October 24th, 2017 when I messaged Color Barking on Instagram. I’m not sure how I found them exactly but BOY I’m glad I did. I messaged them and offered Dawson and Trigger to be models if they needed some! We quickly set up a date and time for the photoshoot. When we got there, Chance and I were both amazed at how incredible their loft was and how quickly they transformed their living room into the studio. They had so many different color backdrops to choose from!


They are a girlfriend + boyfriend team who’ve combined Jillian’s love of dogs and Brian’s passion of photography (you should check out his work) and created Color Barking.


Color Barking is what it sounds like, dogs on colored backdrops. If you’re thinking to yourself, what would I really use these photos for? Well, let me tell you! I’ve used these photos for just about EVERYTHING.



Pop Your Pup

My Go-To Dallas Dog Photography Studio, Color Barking

You can get shirts made from Pop Your Pup!


Phone Case – Picaxy

My Go-To Dallas Dog Photography Studio, Color Barking

Get a phone case from Picaxy. I heard from this site from Hey Madi Nelson on Instagram (@heymadinelson). It’s worth the price + wait!


Pillow – Life Like Pillows

My Go-To Dallas Dog Photography Studio, Color Barking

Oh yes, I got a pillow from Life Like Pillows. This is sure to get some laughs + even scare your pups.

Pup Socks

My Go-To Dallas Dog Photography Studio, Color Barking

Need I say more? Use your photos to make socks with your pups face on them! You can read my blog post about why they’re the best gift here.


Dallas Cutest Dog Contest

My Go-To Dallas Dog Photography Studio, Color Barking

I wanted a high quality photo to submit for this contest and couldn’t think of a better photo! I wouldn’t have had this photo if it weren’t for Color Barking!


Bathing Suit – PetFlair

Get Your Dog on... A Bathing Suit

Make your own bathing suit and read the blog.


Even if you don’t plan on doing everything I’ve done, these pictures are nice to have!


Jillian and Brian have been some of the best people I’ve met since I’ve been in Dallas. I’ve told Jillian multiple times that I’m so happy I met her! I truly feel like they’re a part of why I’ve been successful in the #dogblog world. She helped me keep my head high when I found Shooter with sweet words and always is interactive with everything I post. I’m so thankful for friends like this!

So please, if you’re looking for one of the best experiences, look no further. Contact Color Barking to book your session! You should also follow them on Instagram and Facebook to get your dose of cuties on colored backdrops.


Xo, The Bark Blogger

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