Proud Dog Chef Cookbook Review

The Only Dog Treat Cookbook You'll Ever Need

Get your copy of the Proud Dog Mom Cookbook and receive 60 recipes that are gluten and grain free!


I’ve been following Melissa from Proud Dog Mom for awhile and have even written in my notes on my phone that I wanted to purchase her cookbook, Proud Dog Chef: Tail-Wagging Good Treat Recipes Cookbook! So, when she offered to send me one, I nearly fell on the floor with excitement!


I remember when I was little, I had a dog treat cookbook that came with a cutter and I used to make my dogs treats! I couldn’t wait to get this cookbook to make treats for my babies now! It’s full of recipes that are gluten AND grain free and there are SO many different categories you can choose from.


Choose from the following:

  • Gluten-Free Biscuits
  • Grain-Free Biscuits
  • Burgers & Bites
  • Jerky, Chips, & Chews
  • Pupsicles
  • Pupcakes (AKA a dog-version of a cupcake)
  • All-Natural Icings
  • Holiday Treats


I enjoyed actually reading everything in the book and getting to know how it came about. Melissa and her mother, Donna, spent nearly two years testing and perfecting the recipes! And like my DIY treats, the recipes are focused on clean ingredients and also fruits and vegetables.

You can see and feel all the thought and hard work put into this book. It’s full of valuable information like why you should make your treats homemade and it even includes some pantry items that are good/bad for your pups.

Did you know chia seeds help fight inflammation and have been linked to improve heart health, boosted brain health, better digestion, elevated mood, strengthened immune system, and improved skin condition? I never would have known without this book!

The Only Dog Treat Cookbook You'll Ever Need

You can watch my ‘Treats’ highlight on my Instagram stories where I’ve already tried some of the recipes (Breakfast Bones + Pumpkin Frosty Paws). For this blog, I’m going to make the Fresh Breath Frozen Bites on my Instagram stories! You can watch them for yourself later. I’ve wanted a natural way to help with my pups breath and this recipe only has four ingredients!


You can get your paws on a copy from Amazon or on Barnes and Noble! It’s available in hardcover, paperback and Kindle ebook. If you’re not following Proud Dog Mom on social, you can find them on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest!


Xo, The Bark Blogger



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