Kong Box Review

Do your dogs DESTROY every toy you get them? Well, mine do. The second they get ahold of a plush toy, the fluff is all over my apartment. I knew I needed to find toys that would be durable and long lasting.

I’ve always known Kong was one of those toys! I couldn’t wait to see what was in their NEW Kong Box. All you have to do is pick your dogs size and they do the rest! No matter your dogs size, they’re all the same price – $29.99.


They currently don’t have an XXL option but you can join their mailing list if you’d like to be notified when they have it.


Included in the box:

  • KONG Classic Rubber Toy
  • KONG Treat
  • KONG Toy for Play
  • KONG Toy for Cuddle – omg it’s adorable 


Kong also ‘Play’s It Forward’ and donates toys to natural disaster relief pups and to shelters across the world. I have a big heart for companies that give back!

Kong Box Review

I was excited when I opened up the box to see a classic Kong toy with some bacon and cheese stuffing! I’ve surprisingly never had a Kong that I’ve stuffed before so I look forward to trying that out. Also, the toys that came with it are adorable! I’m certain they will be durable as well as adorable and I can’t wait to have lasting toys!


Thank you Kong for making this fun box! I think it’d be a great birthday present for your pup or even a gift for a close fur friend. If you do order one, tag me on Instagram because I want to see what you got in yours!

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  • Do you make balls with no holes in them I get my dog the red or black they all have a whole in them I need to fine one no holes see if it will last her longer then a week or two

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