The 6 Best DIY Halloween Costumes For You and Your Dog

Your Halloween costumes may have been the main focus of this spooky holiday in the past, but now that you have a furry four-legged friend, you have to let them in on the fun. Here are 6 of the best DIY Halloween costumes for you and your dog.    


Halloween has always been a favorite holiday of mine, as I love dressing up. Growing up I always had homemade costumes; two peas in a pod, a witch, a devil, an angel, a butterfly — you name it, our full-time nanny made it. After nearly two decades of DIY costumes made by our nanny (and later on myself), I couldn’t just buy any old store bought costume and call it a day. Thus, my creative skills were put to the test for all future Halloweens.    


I got my first dog, Maverick (Mav), when I was 20 and of course, he had to be a part of my Halloween costumes. I didn’t want any old costume though, I wanted us to match, and not quite like a couple, just match in theme. For example, I like my dog(s) to be characters or objects rather than people from a show. The first year we killed it with two incredible costumes, and ever since then, I haven’t let our tradition die down. So far we’ve shared 5 Halloweens and 6 costumes together. I look forward to many more now that we’ve added another furry friend to our pack (see costume #6 below).           


6 Best DIY Halloween Costumes for Owners and Pets


  1. Spongebob + Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
  2. Wonka Bar + Oompa Loompa
  3. Nickelodeon + Rocket Power
  4. Dalmatian + Cruella de Vil
  5. We’re All Mad Here + Mad Hatter
  6. R2D2, Ewok + Princess Leia


Being a 90’s baby, I had to bring back some old classics and get creative with my dog’s costumes, as I love the DIY. While yes, I did get a little lazy the last three years and buy adult small t-shirts instead of making them myself, no other costumes were store bought (aside from the ewok costume) and everything was put together separately — ALL DIY!     


Spongebob + Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

The 6 Best DIY Halloween Costumes For You and Your Dog

I was Mermaid Man, my sister was Barnacle boy, and we had to include Mav! I made him a Spongebob t-shirt using cut up t-shirts, various fabrics, markers, and hot glue!  


Pro Tip: It’s a good idea to cut the shirt under your dog’s belly so it’s easier for them to go to the bathroom. Otherwise, you’re likely looking at a shirt full of pee. 🙂  


Wonka Bar + Oompa Loompa

The 6 Best DIY Halloween Costumes For You and Your Dog

This is my all-time favorite costume we have done, and it was the most fun to make and put together. I bought an apron for the Wonka bar and used various fabrics for the details. I drew everything out, cut it, and hot glued it to the apron. In fact, the apron worked so well (much better than a t-shirt) that I used the same idea for the next year’s costume.  


Nickelodeon + Rocket Power

The 6 Best DIY Halloween Costumes For You and Your Dog

Woogity Woogity! Who doesn’t love Rocket Power? This year, I was Reggie, my sister was Otto, and our brother was Squid! All we were missing was a Twister. As I mentioned above, I don’t like my dog’s being people from shows, so I made him a glow in the dark Nickelodeon apron so we could relive our childhood with the orange splat!


Dalmatian + Cruella de Vil

The 6 Best DIY Halloween Costumes For You and Your Dog

This was another fun costume (and yes, I did dress my dog up as another dog). This year I found a Dalmatian t-shirt rather than making the costume myself.


We’re All Mad Here + Mad Hatter

The 6 Best DIY Halloween Costumes For You and Your Dog

Yes, I bought him a t-shirt this year, but my costume was very much DIY. I threw together some stuff to be Mad Hatter and got my dog a fitting We’re All Mad Here t-shirt to match. Yet another hit in our book of costumes.   


R2D2, Ewok + Princess Leia

The 6 Best DIY Halloween Costumes For You and Your Dog

We added a new addition this year! We just got a puppy (born 7/14/18). His name is Fisher (Fish) and we’re so stoked to include him in our costume this year as a little ewok! Check out our Star Wars-inspired costume.       


What do you think we should be next year?! We may already have some ideas…


You see, there are an infinite number of fun costumes for you and your pet! Just make sure you keep their comfort and safety in mind. For instance, you shouldn’t cover your pet’s eyes or nose, or impair his/her ability to move around. Instead, keep costumes light, comfortable, and not too complex for your four-legged friend(s). If they aren’t used to wearing clothing, you might also want to consider introducing their costume gradually so that they have time to get used to it before the big debut.


Happy Halloween!    



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