Start Your New Year Resolutions with Your Dog

I teamed up with my friend Kate Maday who is a NASM CPT and she came up with these workouts you can do WITH your dog in the comfort of your own home.

She also just started her own dog sitting / boarding / daycare at her home in my hometown of Clarkston, Michigan. You can email if you’re interested in any of services. Anyways!

Let’s get back into this workout!

Do 3-4 rounds total:

Squats with your Dog

15 reps

Squat down, butt back like your sitting in a chair
Drive through the heels on your way up
Squeeze your butt at the top

Plank Toy Taps

30 seconds

Shoulders over wrist
Keeps hips as still as possible squeezing your butt
Move toy side to side

Throw Toy for Pup, Squat as Many Times as You Can

Throw the toy 5x. This ones for time! When you throw it squat as many times as you can until they bring it back.

Skier Jumps

15x each leg, 30x total

Jump side to side pushing off. Bring the toy with you make your dog focus on the toy as you move side to side.


Another one for time. Throw that toy again 5x. After you throw, it do as many burpees as you can until the come back.

Last one!

Squat Press

15 reps

Squat down hips back. Come up drive through the heels squeezing your butt and lift you arms up overhead. This can also be more challenging if you want to add a jump in there.

Tell the dog down, then up so they are exercising commands and joining in the fun!

It’s time to get those resolutions started! This way, it’ll seem less like a workout and more like spending time with your pup. If you do this workout, tag both @thebarkblogger + @katemaday_, we want to see!

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