Better Your Pets Wellbeing™ with Blooming Culture

There are some days when Trigger is extremely anxious and I feel helpless. He whines at me and I know he has already been let out, done his business, been fed for the day, etc. If we leave, I can hear him barking in our parking garage and I don’t know why he’s doing it. Maybe separation anxiety?  I also know that he’s getting older. Dawson is also used to being with Trigger and when he’s alone, I worry he’ll have some anxiety too. I’ve seen CBD for dogs all over Instagram with the list of benefits but haven’t tried it for my own dogs just yet. When Blooming Culture reached out to me, I knew this was my opportunity to see if this would help Trigger + Dawson.

I’m excited to work with Andreana and learn more about CBD!

Blooming Culture believes in advocating for the whole health of your pet, starting from the inside out. We want to be a change agent in creating the highest level and cleanest pet products containing CBD in the market. Our CBD is non-GMO and all products are free of grain, nuts, wheat, soy, alcohol, fragrance, essential oils, preservatives and flavorings.”

Better Your Pets Wellbeing™ with Blooming Culture

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) was originally discovered in 1940 and is one of at least 113 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It has medicinal benefits without the high, containing little to no THC. This is key to make it pet friendly. THC is toxic in certain amounts to pets, which is one reason your CBD should be sourced responsibly.

Is all CBD the same?

No. It was important to Blooming Culture that they did not source their CBD from overseas and developed a relationship with the farm. Their CBD is organically sun grown without pesticides in Colorado. This is important because if pesticides are used, they may end up in the end product for your pet. Blooming Culture uses the “whole plant” and every batch is third party tested for residual chemicals and potency.

Blooming Culture‘s products have a high CBD content and their oil is virtually odor and tasteless which makes for easier dosing for the pickier pets (this is important because Trigger is VERY picky but he licked this up!)

Better Your Pets Wellbeing™ with Blooming Culture

How Can CBD Help Dogs?

Some of the most common issues that can be helped with CBD are seizures, cancer, anxiety, arthritis, and bowel problems. Many diseases and pain stem from inflammation in the body and CBD works to bring the inflammation down. It can aid in slowing certain cancer growth along with making your pet more comfortable during the aches and pains from cancer or treatment. CBD also works by balancing out the endocannabinoid system which regulates mood.

It’s important to know that CBD is NOT just for when your pet is sick, has pain, is anxious, or having seizures. It is a daily dose of beneficial goodness that can be incorporated into a wellness plan at any age. Blooming Culture wants to help keep your furry friend happy and healthy for as long as possible starting with prevention. Read how Blooming Culture CBD is helping pets here.

How does it work on my pet’s body?

Your pet’s endocannabinoid system is made up of special receptors that can interact with CBD. There are two types of receptors within the endocannabinoid system, CB1 and CB2.

  • CB1 receptors are concentrated near the brain and the central nervous system.
    • Brain
    • Muscles
    • Reproductive organs
    • Lungs
  • CB2 receptors live within body’s immune system and peripheral organs.  
    • Bones
    • Skin
    • Spleen

Do note, your pet’s endocannabinoid system is unique, like a fingerprint. That means certain pets may be less or more sensitive to the impact of CBD oil.

Better Your Pets Wellbeing™ with Blooming Culture

Blooming Culture Gives Back

Blooming Culture gives back $1 of each product sold to help animals. Now, that is something that I can stand behind!

The partnership they have with the Live Like Roo Foundation, an organization that supports pet’s during a cancer diagnosis, is extremely important. It makes it possible for animals that have an extreme need for CBD to get the help needed.

“Helping animals is the backbone and motivation of our company. Creating a product that can help them and at the same time give back to the people that spend endless hours making their voice heard drives us. We like to support our local friends and amazing groups that do work not only locally, but nationwide.”

Read more about the groups they support here.

Does It Work?

I’ve been giving it to Trigger + Dawson before I leave for work. With my Furbo, I’m able to see how/what they’re doing.

I can definitely see a difference! I know the results will show over time and has so many incredible benefits.

Better Your Pets Wellbeing™ with Blooming Culture
Better Your Pets Wellbeing™ with Blooming Culture

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