What to Bring When You Bring Your Dog to Work

The best day of my professional career was when I brought Dawson to work with me. It seemed like everything else I’ve done was just preparing me for that day. It’s a dream really, being able to bring him – I’m so lucky to work at a place that allows it.

Before the big day, I thought about the things I’d bring with me. That day, I asked my Instagram followers if they’d be interested in knowing what I brought. The answer was overwhelmingly YES!

So, here’s what you need to bring with you when you bring your dog to work with you:

What to Bring When You Bring Your Dog to Work

Water Bowl

For obvious reasons. I brought one of Dawson’s travel bowls and plan on leaving it at the office so it’s already there when I bring him.


I brought my Southfork Chicken treats to reward him when he was doing well. I was a bit nervous on the first day just because it was a new environment but he did PERFECT. I couldn’t have asked for a better day! I left these at the office too so I’ll always have a lil treat for him.


I brought some of his favorite toys from home so he could feel like he was at home. He ended up playing with a tennis ball that was already there so I ended up bringing them back home. He loves his tennis balls!


This is also an obvious one but yes, I brought him in on a leash. My office is enclosed so once we were in the office he was able to be off leash. I also took him on my lunch break to play fetch and stretch his legs. He loved it!


This isn’t absolutely necessary but it helps for photo ops!

Poop Bags

I brought these to keep in my bag even though my workplace actually has a poop bag dispenser.


I brought these just in case he needed some freshening up! Gotta keep him smellin’ goood for the ladies.

Dog Bed

Carrying all of my normal work stuff on top of Dawson’s and Dawson himself, it made it difficult to bring a dog bed with me but I was able to use one when I got to work! But, I’d recommend bring a dog bed for your pup to lay on!

What to Bring When You Bring Your Dog to Work

I hope this list was helpful and will help you if you ever decide to take your pup to work with you! Let me know if you bring other things. I’d love to know!

Xo, The Bark Blogger

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