My Year with BarkBox

I’ve wanted to subscribe to BarkBox since I first heard about it years ago. Last year when I became a dog blogger, I felt that it was an appropriate time to finally subscribe! It’s so simple and easy, I was so upset that it took me this long to do it.

Here’s how to sign up:

  1. You go to and click “Get Started”
  2. From there, you choose your dog size, (all boxes are the same price, regardless of size)
  3. Then, you select your plan! 12 months, 6 months, or 1 month. All boxes have free shipping and ships everywhere in the US and Canada

And that’s it! You’ll get monthly boxes full of toys & treats! Your first box gets shipped immediately and all the others on the 15th of the month. Even better? Each month is THEMED. We loved all of our boxes, the first one was one of my favorites – Bark University!  It had a red solo cup toy with beer pong balls. The boys always had a full treat jar and yummy chews, shipped right to my door.

Other incredible perks:

  • They give you options to get an extra toy if your pup is extra playful and even offer a FREE heavy chewer option. I definitely had to do this because my dogs chew apart plush toys in a matter of minutes. This upgrade means they’ll send a more durable toy in order for it to last a but longer than the regular ones!
  • Did you know BarkBox items are wheat, soy and corn free? You can also do an allergy-free option for pups who are allergic to beef, chicken or turkey.
  • If you don’t like an item in your box, they’ll replace it for FREE.

Finally, if you sign up for a multi-month plan (6 or 12 months), your first box is FREE. You can do that by ordering here.

We ended up upgrading to the SuperChewer box because the toys are so durable. We still have ALL our toys over the last year. I definitely recommend doing a subscription box because it was so fun looking forward to getting them each month.

You can watch all our unboxings on Instagram in the story highlight #BarkBoxDay.

*All information about BarkBox was taken from

*If you use the link above, you will earn a free box and so will The Bark Blogger.

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