How to Remember Your Pets After They’re Gone

These three woman-owned and operated companies have it figured out

I know this isn’t a topic anyone wants to think about but it’s unfortunately the harsh reality of life. I cry just thinking about the day but I know it’s inevitable. Being a part of the dog community, I’ve learned so much and that includes learning about companies whose mission is making sure you remember your pets after they’re gone. 

I wanted to share them with you for you to store away in a note on your phone (like me) to have for the future. 

Comfort Connects

I’ve been following Comfort Connects since they were Pet Memorial Jewelry and really love everything they do! They create custom jewelry and keepsakes that can include your loved ones hair, ashes, whiskers or feathers.

The ring is one of my favorites!

The Pawcket Stone is created from your pet’s actual paw print. If you know me, you know I loveeee paw prints so I love this one too.

They have other products too including necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more! Not only do they have these incredible products, they offer grief support resources including a blog + resource library. 

Pets in Bloom

I’ve recently been interested in plants and when I say interested, I mean very lightly. I bought a cactus at IKEA last year and also one at Tom Thumb and they’re both still alive! That’s a win for me and I just love them. 

I found Pets in Bloom and absolutely love the concept. These are urns that also double as a planter! The pot has an additional storage base to keep your pets ashes safe, since it’s not recommended for ashes to be added directly to soil. They are beautiful and I think would be the perfect addition to any space in your home or office. The founder, Chantal, created an online community to help and support people who’ve recently lost a loved one and you can join here

Parting Tails

Parting Tails creates specialized gift boxes that contain items for healing and support. Their gift box includes a handbook on how to process loss, love notes for you to fill out for your loved one and forget-me-not flowers flower seeds.

“Pet’s are family. When they leave, it seams unbearable… but healing will come.”

Parting Tails has created a Pet Loss Group for people local to Chicagoland. They also provide links to resources for pet loss and grief. 

When the time comes, it’s not going to be easy. But that is what a community is all about. We’re here to support each other and keep each other strong. I hope these companies help give you ideas on how to remember your pets long after they’re gone.

Xo, The Bark Blogger

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